Welcome to DLSys

DLSys is an IT Solution Provider specializing in affordable yet extremely effective solutions for small to medium sized organizations. Our staff has over 30 years experience working in various industries. We assist organizations in assessing their techical needs, evaluating potential alternatives and implementing solutions.

The advent of cloud computing resources has changed the entire systems paradigm by lowering and most often eliminating upfront hardware, software and technical personnel costs. The proliferation of business software applications or "apps" running in the cloud, as a service or SaaS, provides a viable alternative for organizations looking to lower IT costs. Organizations of all sizes now have an opportunity to enhance their operations with cloud computing. Don’t you think it’s time for you to discover the benefits of utilizing cloud technology in your organization? 

Call us today and schedule an appointment to discuss your needs and explore all the possibilities. 

Technical Services:

  • Consulting 
    • Needs Assessment
    • Workflow Analysis & Design
    • Software Evaluation 
    • Cloud Computing 
  • System Integration 
    • Google Apps
    • CRM
    • ERP
  • Application Development
    • Web & Mobile Applications
    • Websites 
    • Database Design 
    • Custom Turnkey Solutions
  • Implementation 
    • Deployment
    • Training
    • Technical Support